Transferring Your Play Data

Before you transfer your play data, make sure of the following:

-You are connected to a strong, stable internet connection.
-You are not traveling at high speed. Your backup data could get corrupted if you try to transfer your data from a moving car or train.
-You have installed Fight League on the device you want transfer your data to.

(1) Launch Fight League and tap "Transfer Data" in the lower left of the Title screen.
*If you accidentally start a new game from this screen, you will have to reinstall the app and start over.

(2) Log in with the XFLAG ID you used to back up your play data, then tap "Yes" to connect your account.
*If you log in with an account that doesn't have your backed-up play data, you won't be able to complete the transfer.

(3) Enter the ID for the play data you were using before and tap "OK".
*This is the same ID that was in the pop-up box after you originally backed up your data.

(4) Your backed-up play data should now be displayed. Check that the data is correct and then tap "Yes" to start the transfer.
*Once the data is updated, you'll be able to continue playing where you left off.
*The nickname you used when the data was backed up will be shown.