Notes and Precautions

Measures Against Prohibited Activities
Strict penalties (e.g. account freezing) will be enforced upon discovery of any activities that infringe upon the Fight League Terms of Use.

Examples of Prohibited Activities
-Modification of app data to speed up or skip battles
-Modification of app data to change the Fighters or types of items that can be obtained, or quantities thereof
-Modification of Attack stats or skill data counter to the intended method of play in order to gain an unfair advantage
-Any actions which result in the fraudulent acquisition of Fight Money
-Real money trading (RMT) activities *1
-Any actions that serve to facilitate prohibited activities *2
-Any actions that violate other laws or regulations

*1. RMT Activities
RMT refers to the act of trading Fight League content (items, fighters, prizes, etc.) for real money. We sometimes receive reports of fraudulent activities involving such transactions; however, RMT is a prohibited activity, as stated in of our Terms of Use. Therefore, we shall not be held responsible for any issues that arise from such activities.

Examples of Common Incidents
-Users who allow temporary access to their game account, only to have another user continue to play on it
-Users who purchase a game account, but the seller transferred the data before the buyer could transfer it to their device

*2. Actions That Serve to Facilitate Prohibited Activities
E.g.: If a user knowingly plays with a partner who uses modified app data in tag team play or other cooperative modes, it means they are gaining an unfair advantage through prohibited means to receive in-game prizes, even though they are not using modified game data themselves. This violates the game's Terms of Use, and users found to be doing this are subject to penalties as per the game's Terms of Use.

Strict penalties (e.g., account freezing) will be enforced upon discovery of any activities that infringe upon the Fight League Terms of Use. The severity of the penalty depends on the prohibited activities observed.

If an account is frozen, that account will be permanently banned from Fight League. Such measures are taken upon thorough inspection of play data, history data, and other usage records, and we do not restore frozen accounts even if the user has no memory of performing any prohibited actions. Furthermore, we do not provide details on how or why accounts are frozen.

If a user contacts our support team to inquire about transferring their backed-up play data or any other reason, and evidence of prohibited activities is discovered, we reserve the right to refuse support to that user.

Prohibited activities damage the game's balance and are unfair to users who play the game properly. As such, the Fight League administrators monitor for prohibited activities daily in order to maintain a healthy game environment that all our users can enjoy.