Backing Up Your Play Data

To back up your play data, you'll need an XFLAG ID. Tap here to make an XFLAG ID.

Here's how to back up your data:

(1) In the upper right of the Home screen, tap the "Other" (gear-shaped) button.

(2) Scroll down and tap "Back Up Play Data".

(3) Tap "Back Up Play Data".

Note that if you overwrite your backed-up data with new data, you won't be able to retrieve your previous data.

Check the pop-up info, then tap "OK" on the dialogue box to bring up the XFLAG website. From there, log in with your XFLAG ID or create a new XFLAG ID. After you've logged in, tap the "Yes" button to connect your account and back up your data.

Once the backup is complete, a window will come up with all the info you need to transfer your backed-up play data. Make sure you take a screenshot of this info and don't show it to anyone else.