Periods represent a certain amount of time in the game. When a period ends, you'll earn a Highest Rank Prize based on your highest League Rank.

In addition to your Solo prize, you can also get a Highest Rank Prize from Tag Teams. If you have multiple Tag Partners, you'll get the Highest Rank Prize for your highest-ranked Tag Team at the end of a period.
*If you have more than one team that reached the same Rank, you'll only get the prize for one of them.

If you enable Period-End Push Notifications, you'll receive a push notification at the end of each period.

Here's how to set up notifications:
(1) Tap the VS Player button in the bottom center of the Home screen.

(2) Tap the League Icon at the bottom left corner of the League Play button to see the current Period's info.

(3) Check "Notify at Period End" below your Current League Rank to enable push notifications.