How to Form a New Tag Team Using QR Codes

Here's how to form a tag team using a QR code:

(1) Tap "Play with a Friend" in the lower half of the Home screen or tap "Become Partners" at the bottom area of your Partner List, then tap "Tag via QR Code."

(2) Select the type of battle you want from the menu that appears.

(3) On the next window, the next player should tap "Scan QR Code."

(4) If you selected "Scan QR Code", use the camera to scan the QR code on the other player's screen.

*Fight League uses animated QR codes, so you have to scan the QR code directly from the device. (Screenshots won't work.)

If you're having trouble scanning the QR code, try this:

・Try changing things around
If you're trying to scan, bring out your QR code instead. If you're trying to get your QR scanned, try scanning theirs instead.
Sometimes cameras won't scan codes correctly, so this can help fix the problem.

・Change to a more stable internet connection
If your connection is unstable, sometimes animated QR codes won't display correctly.
If there are multiple connections available to you, like Wi-Fi and 4G (LTE), try changing to one of the other connections.

・Increase the brightness on your device
 If your screen is too dark, sometimes the QR code won't scan correctly.
 Try increasing the brightness of your screen.

・Get rid of anything else displaying on your screen
 If there is anything else on your screen when showing the QR code, it might not scan correctly.
 Try hiding or closing out of anything that might show up and try scanning again.

・Close out and restart Fight League
 If you tried the above suggestions and still couldn't get the QR to read correctly, try restarting the app.
 *How to close the app depends on your device.