Sharing Fighters

When setting up your team, you and your Tag Partner can share Fighters.

Here's how to share Fighters:

(1) Form a tag team with your Partner.
 *Refer to the "How to Form a Tag Team" sections for more info.
(2) Tap the "Fighters" button in the center of the Home screen to open the Fighters screen.
(3) Tap the "Edit Teams" button at the bottom of the Fighters screen to open the team selection screen.
(4) Then, tap the "New Shared Team" button at the bottom of the Select Team screen to set up a new shared team.

*You can only use a shared team with the Partner you created it with, and only when you are in a tag team together.
*If you add a Fighter you don't have to your shared team, that Fighter's Sense will be 0.